Conventional Rocking Chairs


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Please click on the pictures below for better views and more information. The finish palette below each photo is only the beginning of your options for each rocking chair.

Rocking chairs were probably invented in the early 1700's. That is about all we know. They probably were not invented by Benjamin Franklin--although he did invent a system whereby a fan is powered by the rocker. Rockers may have appeared in France before they did in America but nobody is really sure.

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Tapestry Rocking Chair - burgundy chenille on burgundy frame

Arrowback Rocking Chair - birch, combination finish

Stateside Rocking Chair

Fireside Rocking Chair

Guitar (armless) Rocker

Birdcage Rocking Chair

Mid-Century Moderne Armless Platform Rocker

EnviroWood All Season Adirondack Rocker

Mission Rocker with padded leather seat and back

Bentwood Rocking Chair

Tapestry Rocking Chair - animal fabric on cinnamon frame

Steel Deco Rocker

Lumberjack Rocking Chair

Trail Creek Rocking Chair

Kennedy Rocking Chairs

Nichols & Stone Arrowback Boston Rocking Chair - honey finish on birch

Plantation Rocking Chair

Classic Porch Rocking Chair

Barclay Rocking Chair - mahogany

EnviroWood All Season Porch Rocker

Four Slat Rocking Chair

High Bowback Rocking Chair

Mid-Century Moderne Platform Rocker


Adult Princess Rocking Chair

Wicker Rocking ChairOpen-weave Wicker Rocking Chair


Which rocker is best for a bad back?

Research indicates that the real benefit in relieving lower back pain comes not from the design of the chair but from the fact that the spinal cord can only work in one direction at a time. When the brain is sending motor impulses down the spinal cord to make the legs rock the chair, pain impulses from the back are blocked, they are prevented from reaching the brain which lets the muscles in the lower back relax. This effect is accomplished with any rocking chair or glider and not by typical recliners or fancy orthopedic or massage chairs.




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